Dhyana Sophia with more than 12 years in the spiritual path she began with yoga at the age of 19th she had her spiritual awakening at the age of 14th at 19th start with yoga and devoted to the path immersed herself in different yogic traditions like Anusara, Sivananda and Parinaama yoga.

 Age 21 initiate in the medicine path walking close to the elders, medicine and wisdom keepers of Mexican and mayan traditions ,and traveled around the world sharing medicine with the ancestral healing alliance , she trained in Qi Qong with Qi yo Multiversity and the 7th lotus Qi Qong school, trained in Aquatic healing arts like Janzu, Aguahara Watsu and Aquadynamics and have been practicing  for 10 years.


She develop her own technique called Aqua  healing  and QiFlow activation wich she is an instructor from the healing arts school.

 Founder of Sananda Healing Experiences with 10 years operating and facilitating wellness holistic healing experiences in Tulum Riviera maya  Mexico and  Costa rica and diferent healing sanctuaries around the world , 

Initiated by life passages she divorced and her separation has led her to her own healing journey through alchemical feminine healing arts,  she is also a moon dancer wisdom and medicine keeper deeply mystical intuitive authentic and gentle space holder , rites of passage facilitator and elemental ritualist .


My mission is to hold space and support the midwifery of the new paradigm on earth in times of transition, to empower and support the embodiment of the initiatic experiences in our life cycles . 

To honor the ancient ways as a path to bridge with the new paradigm , as a medicine and wisdom keeper ,  being an instrument to support human evolution through the alchemical process of transformations in alliance  , to bring ritual back to reintegrate the fragmented parts of the self and as a collective. 

To heal trauma in the bodies to live in harmony with all our relations . 

A priestess in service of the mother , to give voice to the unspoken, to reveal the mysteries to decondition , to dissolve and to rebirth . Creating alchemical containers for transformation to happend .


Acompanar procesos de transformacion individual y colectiva en los ciclos de transicion de vida a traves de ceremonias y ritos de paso.