Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Aqua Qi Flow immersion. 
This is the application form, please fill the the spaces below with your information and the agreement.

This is an initiatory level to learn the basic foundation of aquatic therapy, it’s form by 30 hours of initial training.
When the training is done there will be an examination provided and a service of 200 hours of practice is required, to now able to facilitate the session, and the advanced immersion training of 50 hours  to become a certified  Facilitator by Aqua Qi Flow Academy.

Dhyana Sophia and the Aqua Qi Flow team reserves the right to approve the name of Aqua Qi Flow as a practitioner until the second training is completed.

Please read the Aqua Qi Flow Code of Ethics and sign the agreements:
* I am aware that this Aquatic path has many levels of initiations and my personal process of dissolution to become an instrument in service of the medicine of the waters is my commitment to be in integrity , and this basic level is teaching me the foundations as I go through my own personal process to then hold space for others
* I am aware and agree that the 200 hours is part of my learning curve to be able to address any case through my own experience and therefore the energetic exchange is based on my experience and levels of initiation. Rates of exchange suggested: first 200 hours for free , after 200 hours 70 usd, advanced 100 usd, facilitator 120usd , trainer fee 150 usd to 200 usd.
* I am aware and agree that this practice is a combination of many different techniques and therefore I am not being certified in each of them, but in a method that includes all.
* I am aware and agree that the Qi flow activation is a preparation practice and this immersion is not certifying me as a qiqong instructor therefore cannot be teaching this modality until you take the full Qui Flow activation training.
* I am aware and agree that the more I respect this agreements, the more integrity with myself and others as a practitioner.
* I am aware and agree that this training will teach me the foundations of a trauma informed approach to the water healing technique.
* I am aware that I will go through my own process in this immersion and release Dhyana Sophia and holders of this immersion of any health injuries physical  mental and emotional.
* I am aware that for harm reduction and right practice I will go through the protocols to listen to the body of the receiver before my intent to act, also to restrain any sexual energy to keep the safety and integrity of the group.

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